Do our hospitals really need supplies?

Sadly, yes. Doctors have said they're scared to come to work due to the shortage.

In this unprecedented crisis, NYC is said to be the next global epicenter of the virus. Our hospitals have run out of supplies and/or are about to run out this week. There’s some help trickling in, but it hasn't been organized and time is running out. 70,000 masks are estimated to be needed per day along with other supplies, such as 30,000 more ventilators, in NYC alone. We’re far from that today.

Why’s it so hard to get supplies? It's been chaotic and competitive. There's an incredible spike in global demand for the same equipment as every country is battling COVID-19. Many concerned citizens also panic-bought up more inventory than needed (some even stole N95 masks and sanitizers from hospitals). 

The government and private companies are working on getting more supplies, but it will take an unknown period of time, and we don’t know how much and what kind of PPE will be provided and if it will be enough. Everyone is struggling. So until we get more help, we’re on our own to help wherever and however we can as citizens.

What’s our goal here?

1. Protect our healthcare workers with PPE
so they stay healthy and strong to kick COVID-19’s ass.

2. Connect NYC's PPE-donating efforts together into one streamlined, efficient operation #TeamNYC #PPEforNYC 

3. Help other cities, states, and countries
start up their own PPE donation effort by sharing our assets so it can be modified for their own location. 

One organized team effort will go a long way, especially with the very little response time we have.

What PPE do our hospitals need most ?

Our hospitals requested donations of:

  • High-filtration masks (N95, P95, and R95) - New or Unused (opened boxes are OK) <- one hospital even said they'll take dusty masks to clean off :(
  • Advanced Respirators (PAPR, CAPR, etc.)
  • Surgical Masks
  • Procedural Masks
  • Face Shields  
  • Safety Goggles (if we run out of face shields)
  • Gloves (nitrile, non-latex, or latex)*
  • Hand Sanitizer*
  • Disinfectant Wipes*
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Protective Suits (fluid resistant i.e. Tyvek bunny suit)
  • Medical Coveralls
  • Head Covers (i.e. bouffants, surgical caps)
  • Shoe Covers (disposable booties)
  • Thermometers
  • Phone chargers (so patients can talk to their loved ones)
  • And… VENTILATORS… in case anyone has one lying around…

*BLUE ITEMS: Common items you can find at home that will go a LONG way at the hospital

Rule of thumb: front-line healthcare workers must be covered from head to toe, and be able to move with ease. 

We do NOT accept used masks, handmade masks, or 3-D printed masks at this time.

How do you decide who gets the supplies?

As NYC is the epicenter of the virus in the U.S. with the most cases to date, we will start with the city’s hospitals and a database of needs we manage with their support and of other nonprofit efforts like our own.

Right now, we're tracking hospital units as each group runs out of supplies at different times. We're closely working with NYC partners such as PPENow, GetUsPPE, DonatePPE, MedSupplyDrive and more. '911' calls and texts are sent each day with what supplies are completely out in certain units, which we respond to. The goal is to get PPE directly to the front lines in immediate need—as little red tape and delay as possible.

How do you deliver the supplies? 

Through our NYC partner and volunteer network. Together, we will hand-deliver masks and other PPE to frontline medical workers at their hospitals, so that they get into the right hands. We will follow safe social distancing rules and be sanitizing the whole time. If you are able to volunteer at this time, please reach out!

I have PPE! How can I donate to NYC? 

There are several options. 

If you’re local: 

- Request a pickup.  If you live in a building, we ask that you coordinate with your building manager and/or neighbors to provide at least 5+ donations total. The more the easier for volunteers to navigate pick-ups safely and efficiently during the lockdown period. 

If you prefer to ship at your convenience and/or are donating from outside NYC: 

- Ship. Email donate@ppefornyc.org to get matched to a healthcare worker in most need that day.

Are you doing quality control on the PPE you provide?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees about the conditions or sterility of the PPE we donate.

We ask that every person donating makes a good and honest effort to handle every item with extreme care (gloves and wash hands for 20 seconds before handling!). 

If you’re donating an opened package and there is no expiration date, please mark on a note or on the side of the package, so our healthcare professionals can quickly make their best judgment at the time of an emergency. 

(A quick “thank you” written down next to it would go a long way too!)

If you are donating hand-made items (such as face shields), please email donate@ppefornyc.org.

What happens to you when all this is over?

We happily shut down :) And eat our faces off all over the city… starting with Katz, Grey’s Papaya, John’s Pizza… and a drink at Carbone… after a long spa day and getting the best haircut ever. 

Hang in there small businesses! We’ll cover you next!


I’m in the media or want to help spread the word. How do I contact you?

Yes! Please contact us at press@ppefornyc.org

I want to help more! How can I volunteer?

Yes, we need help from detail-oriented, web-savvy people working from home! Please fill out the form here.